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Accommodating people who need help seems like a no-brainer. And often it is exactly that; wheelchair access for people, seat accommodations for people with sight needs, readers for people with dyslexia all seem like solutions that are nearly moral obligations.  And yet, are aspects of accommodation culture hurting the people we are trying to help?  Accommodation culture, while often well-intentioned, carries inherent risks. Excessive accommodation can lead to a culture of dependency, where individuals expect special treatment rather than advocating for growth and health.  Additionally, there’s a concern that excessive accommodation may stifle constructive dialogue and debate, as individuals may fear expressing dissenting viewpoints for fear of being labeled intolerant or insensitive. Ultimately, a balanced approach that respects diversity while upholding core societal principles is necessary to mitigate the potential negative consequences of accommodation culture. My daughter Kaidance stopped by, and we discussed her thoughts on this topic and the response that she received when she presented her thoughts at school. Let’s discuss accommodation culture.

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