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Suits and Tattoos; the New Measurement for Your Love of Others?

It often reminds me of the story of the pharisee (a religious man, to be sure) who stood up and loudly proclaimed, “Lord, I thank you that I am not like other men, cheaters, sinners, adulterers….” Of course, the difference today is we would be more likely to hear a prayer about how we thank God that we are not like those poor fools who dress up in suits and miss the whole point of the gospel.
…What would bring his salvation to question? Well, the American Eagle on his shoulder, of course. We’re not all that far from there today, are we? How many people have their love of God questioned because they prefer to wear a suit and tie on Sunday morning?


Naughty Naked Skeletons | Psychology Today

Perhaps instead of protest signs, we should be taking large mirrors and fake Halloween skeletons to these leader's speeches. Let's hold up the mirrors, to remind them who they're really talking about, when they rail against deception, moral failings and sexual excess. Make the skeletons dance, to let our leaders know that we're not stupid….