About Me

Possibilities. We all want to know we have them, yet many feel we have none. We feel stuck. Maybe you feel like you have no moves left to make on the chessboard of life. But what if you could change? I believe anyone can change. Most of the time, we need someone to walk beside us. That is where I come in. I help individuals, couples, families, and organizations learn new ways to achieve change. Live a life you love. I am the founder and owner of the Joe Martino Counseling Network, a public speaker, and a published author. Let’s explore your possibilities together.

Read on to learn more about me.

Joe Martino is a licensed counselor, cultural architect, author, influencer, and sought-after speaker, who helps people, organizations, and communities to harness the power of connectivity through relationships.

As a proven leader and cultural expert, Joe fosters trust, enhances connectivity, and belonging as he works to bring people, communities, and organizations together.

Joe connects with organizations, both large and small to help them maximize their creativity, potential, and production. His clients include Fortune 500 industries with billions in assets as well as small business startups.

For all media-related questions or inquiries, please call 616-481-3784.

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joemartinocounseling

What you should know about Joe:

  • He is currently working on his second book. His first book, The Emotionally Secure Couple, has been widely praised.
  • He works full-time as a therapist in private practice, where he sees 30-40 clients a week.
  • He has a 90% success rate in helping people save their relationships.
  • He is considered an expert in the field of adolescents and is invited to speak several times a year at different conferences and schools on dealing with troubled adolescents and creating a learning ecosystem that works for schools, students, and families.
  • He is an advocate/mentor for troubled adolescents.
  • He has served as an advisor for a nonprofit in Grand Rapids that serves at-risk/under-resourced teens and families.
  • He was a teacher for five years and a successful high school coach for 14 years.
  • He worked as a clinical team leader at Pine Rest mental hospital, where he oversaw the clinical care of long-term residential adolescents with severe psychological trauma.

Media Places and Other Events in which Joe has been involved: 

  • Fox 17 and Wood TV 8: Joe has spoken numerous times for local news stations offering them expert opinions on everything from how domestic violence from pro-athletes impacts our day-to-day world to how teachers having sex with students will affect the entire school. Ever wondered why a certain video game has become very popular? Joe has spoken on that topic and has been interviewed about it many times.  
  • Forest View Breakfast and Learn: Joe has been a repeat speaker for this event, helping others in his field gain CEU’s while growing their knowledge and skills to help those they serve.
  • Expert analysis on Huffington Post: Discussed being an outgoing extrovert.
  • GRKids: Published article on how to deal with the anxiety of being a working mom while kids are home.
  • Western Michigan Counseling Associates: Joe has spoken on multiple topics for this association. His company, Joe Martino Counseling Network, won the Humanitarian award from this organization for the work they have done with under-resourced people in their community.
  • The Emotionally Secure Couples Conference: Joe has held relationship conferences for people in all aspects of the relationship spectrum. He has also been asked to be the Keynote speaker at many relationship events.
  • Schools and Educational Venues: Speaks at schools on the topic of child and adolescent development.
  • Kuyper college HEAR event: Joe was the Keynote speaker for this event detailing self-care for those in the counseling industry.
  • Keynote Speaker and Guest Speaker: Joe has been a guest lecturer and speaker at many churches, companies and other organizations around the country. 

If you would like to book Joe to speak at your next event or reach out to him about an issue your organization is facing, feel free to utilize his contact me page, here or learn more about his speaking here.