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Navigating Toxic Relationships: Healing and Setting Boundaries with Toxic Parents

Discover effective strategies for dealing with toxic parents, including setting boundaries, seeking professional help, and practicing self-care to improve mental health outcomes and foster healthier relationships. Overview of Dealing with Toxic Parents Definition and Impact of Toxic Parenting Toxic parents exhibit behaviors such as emotional abuse, control, and manipulation towards their children [3]. Growing up…

Dealing with the loss of loved ones. Grief hope and our mired mess of emotions

There was an ancient writer who once wrote that it is better to go to a funeral than to a party. Because when we go to a funeral we are more likely to take account of our lives. At a funeral we are more likely to measure the number of days that we have which of the same writer wrote is a great way to get wisdom.

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The Subtle Stages of an Affair

Few people are actually chasing an affair at first, they are often chasing other things that lead to the affair. But few people, if they are honest with the themselves, will deny that they knew where it was heading when they jumped on the path.
If you saw yourself in any of these steps, I can’t encourage you enough to seek counseling.
Affairs are terrible storms that leave dark and deep swaths of destruction in their wake.

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Things I Hope My Kids Learn: #31 Whenever Possible, Do Good.

This is part of a continual series called, "Things I hope my kids learn." I currently have 150 different things written down that I hope they write. You can find the whole series of posts here. #31. Whenever Possible Do Good. So often little opportunities are missed. I was thinking today about the fact that…

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Things I Hope My Kids Learn: If you Don’ Like Your Life

I consistently run into people who dislike their life Usually with a passion. And yet, they make zero changes. They do the same things over and over again. As if their life is written out for them and no matter what they attempt, they are stuck living a life they hate. This is patently false….