If you have not read anything by Kary Oberbrunner, now is the time. Go to Amazon and buy, Your Secret Name right now (Click on the link to be taken directly to the book). Seriously, even if you do not choose to orientate your life around the Bible, this book will speak to you and it may help you understand why I do orientate my life around the Bible.  Here is a fantastic quote that is so true. I wanted to write more but at some point I figured I was going to be running the risk of plagiarism. Full book review coming soon.

It is far less painful to pretend that God doesn't care—that he's detahed and distant and eternally discontent—than to believe that God is cognizant and concerned with every detail of our lives. We often prefer a distant God. Such thinking is safer and less complicated. God is in heaven and we are on earth. He lives his life and we live ours. As the first man and woman discovered in Eden, there's comfort in hiding from God.

After all, when he finds us hiding, he'll discover that we're naked. Better to pretend that we've got everything under control than to admit our shame frailty and need. But if we're honest, we sometimes wonder:  If God is powerful, why doesn't he stop the pain? Or, if he allows pain despite his power, doesn't that prove he's cruel? We begin to question whether we can trust God. And if the answer is no, if we can't trust him, then we don't have a chance of loving him.

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