Hopes and Dreams

Everyone has dreams about their relationships, especially their marriage. Sadly, the numbers tell us that many times those hopes and dreams end up fractured and broken.
Often, problems in relationships are passed on from one generation to another. Participants who attend Hopes and Dreams will learn proven methods of communication. Each participant will leave with new tools designed to help them have the relationship they have always wanted. There are actually three different types of conferences as outlined below.

Hopes and Dreams also offers an opportunity to explore the culture of your organization in conjunction with Creative Solutions Counseling. This highly flexible and adaptable fomat allows you to examine the culture of your organization for the strenghts and weaknesses that exist. It gives you the tools to create the culture you want with your employees and your customers.  Contact us today to learn more about this exciting opportunity. 

Basic Conference(1.0)

In this conference particpants will learn three basic questions that we all ask of everyone we come in contact with. You will learn three strategies for effective communication. This conference builds a common vocabulary for your people to utilize as they work to build strong relationships and families.                                         

 Advanced Conference (2.0)

This conference builds directly upon the basic conference. In this conference attendees will learn how to better understand their spouse by examining key questions about their own life. Each participant will be given the opportunity to explore how their interactions with their spouse reveal their true desires for life.

 All-Star Conference (3.0)

Armed with strong communication techniques from the previous conferences, each participant is encouraged to explore the deepest desires of their heart with their spouse. This conference will take participants deeply in the idea of forgiveness and love. It is designed to help them name what they want out of their relationship and to explore potential long term goals.

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