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Wring every ounce out of your talent and opportunity. Thoughts on the Last Dance Documentary

Our greatest opportunities will often come with the greatest possibility of failure. May we engage those opportunities with courage. May we welcome all who come as competition and simultaneously want to beat them.
May we elevate ourselves and those around us to greatness. And may we define greatness as the ability to put everything we have into whatever endeavor it is that we’re doing.

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It’s time to move past comparative pain and passions

I admit the world is an interesting place to me. I’m not typically someone who laments life. I don’t always agree with stuff I hear and I’m often willing to engage it with the person. I joke with my friends about poking the bear.  Interacting with others about how they feel and think is sometimes,…

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Shoot a computer, shame your daughter and drag kids around so they can really learn: or other ways to stupidly parent

There is a man named David Hughes who has shared a picture on Facebook that has gone viral. Judging by the comments, it is only going to gain in popularity. I am sure that Mr. Hughes is a nice man, with strong values and this post isn't about him. I simply wanted to give him…

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What happens when I’m stuck with someone who is telling a bad story?

There’s a guy. I sort of knew him in college. A few months ago (much to my surprise) he friended me on Facebook. Then came Christmas. We disagreed on a certain expression of our faith. He became very upset. He and a few friends let me know that my eternal destination was somewhere other than…


Facebook isn’t making us miserable. We make ourselves that way

There's an interesting blog post making the rounds. It's called, "Facebook is making us miserable." Interestingly enough, I found it on facebook. Now, it's on the Harvard Business Review blog, written by a published author who is undoubtedly very smart. This is not an attack on him. It is a complete disagreement with his post…