“Our interest really lies in her getting some training so that this doesn’t happen again,” she said.

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What do you think about this? A woman posts an ad for a roommate on her church bulletin board but says she's looking for a Christian. Gets reported to the state anonymously and the state just wants to educate her.

Government doing good, or Big Brother run amok?

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  1. Big Brother run amok. When it comes to choosing who is going to live in your personal dwelling along with you, you should be able to scrutinize however you want.

  2. Big Brother run amok. The State has no say at all, in what or whom she is requesting as a room-mate. She can discriminate in any fashion she chooses. The difference is as a Land-Lord you are only allowed to discriminate against smoking and pets and that is because of the damage that will do to your property. And who in the Church would turn that into the State? Someone needs counseling/guidence there. just one opinion.

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