Bowlby (1969) theorized that there were four interrelated behavioral systems that govern human behavior – attachment, caregiving, exploration, and sex. Of these, Bowlby recognized the attachment system, which moti- vates children and adults to seek safety and security through close contact with attachment figures, as being of primary importance in regulating the other systems.

~Taken from Attachment and relationships: Milestones and future directions
Jeffry A. Simpson
University of Minnesota, USA
W. Steven Rholes
Texas A&M University, USA

Do you agree or disagree?

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  1. Agree, 100%. The more I studied Attachment Theory (it was my thesis in college) the more I saw the beautiful way God created the special bond between a parent and child during their formative years. Sadly, when that attachment is void it is then that maladaptive behavior follows. I think that when that crucial attachment is missing is certainly has huge ramifications on caregiving, exploration, and sex.

  2. Hey Heather,
    Thanks for commenting. Have you read about Reactive Attachment Disorder, what happens when kids are deprived of attachment at an early age? Sad.

  3. Yes. I am so thankful that so many young Christian couples are adopting children but I wish more parents who are adopting were made more aware of RAD. Equipping some of these families might help build these relationships between parent and adoptive child.

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