A Texas man declared innocent Tuesday after 30 years in prison could have cut short his prison stint twice and made parole — if only he would admit he was a sex offender.

via news.yahoo.com

I'm going to interrupt my normally scheduled posting to post this article. I am against the death penalty as it currenlty stands in America.  This case best illustrates why I have that position. Now, I know this guy wasn't scheduled to be executed, but imagine if he was!

Twice he was given the option to just say, "Hey, I did it." and he would have gotten a lighter sentence. He chose not to give in. Good for him. Our justice system is too much about politics and what looks right on a potential TV ad for the next position.

I don't expect the system to be perfect but if we execute one person and we were wrong that is one person too many and I am afraid that there are too many opportunities for that. And I work with the victims, I get that there are a lot of people who have done terrible things, I do.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Don’t even get me started after a couple of bad experiences with judges in the family court the last couple of weeks… Not at all about children, just money.

  2. Ha! Don’t even get me started on the kid court judges! I could tell you stories that would absolutely make your hair stand on end and that would be something!

  3. I will tell you sometime what happened to us over Christmas break…where we were praying the courts would protect the kids but even though they proved that the baby was being drugged they sent them home. It was crazy.

  4. I’m sure, like I said, I could tell you all sorts of stories from the hospital. It’s amazing to me sometimes the decisions that are made buy the courts.

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