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Live in Wisdom: How do we respond well in difficult situations?

Why haven't you been _______? I was recently asked, "Hey, why haven't I seen you at ________?" I left the place blank on purpose because it doesn't necessarily matter what you put in that blank, you probably haven't seen me in a lot of places. Some people have asked from, what I believe, is a…

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Your life is written by the choices you make: Thoughts provoked by Hamilton the Musical

My daughter asked me what I thought about the musical and I told her that I loved it because I believe there are only two stories ever told; stories of brokenness and stories of redemption. Sometimes, both brokenness and redemption are weaved throughout the story.
To me, that is what makes Hamilton so profound. It tells the story of brokenness and redemption. It shows the messiness that is life.

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Nordstrom’s Employee Handbook — short and sweet – (37signals)

Nordstrom Rules: Rule #1: Use best judgment in all situations. There will be no additional rules. via 37signals.com I found this by accident. I find it very interesting on a lot of levels.   And yes, this is my signal that I am back to blogging. I will try to put out two posts a…

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It’s time to move past comparative pain and passions

I admit the world is an interesting place to me. I’m not typically someone who laments life. I don’t always agree with stuff I hear and I’m often willing to engage it with the person. I joke with my friends about poking the bear.  Interacting with others about how they feel and think is sometimes,…

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The Biggest Loser and the Roman Coliseum

I’m afraid these shows highlight out societies obsession with the wrong things. We use the TV to anesthetize our own existential issues. We can safely sit on our couch and watch Mary Jane Watson from Tacoma West Virginia and thank God that our house isn’t as messy as hers. We can watch Gwen Jones from Bloomsburg, Minnesota struggle to go from “morbidly obese” to anorexic like skinniness all in the name of health.

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Do something that matters: Thoughts on unhappy lives

A common occurrence that happens all over the country in counseling offices every day is people wanting to be "happier." Almost every counselor asks the client, "How will you know when our time is done? What are your goals for counseling? A very common answer is that the client wants to be happier. Many of…