As part of our practice, we get Psychology Today every other month.
The latest issue has an article in it that I cannot find online but that
I found to be very interesting. According to the author, there are five
life lessons we all need to learn and typically don't.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Svoboda we need to learn these five lessons.

  1. The role of radical acceptance:You can't fix the ones you love so focus on fixing yourself. The author takes this to every relationship in our life.
  2. The beuty of benign neglect: It is more harmful to overparent than to underparent.
  3. Opposites don't attract forever: Seek a mate whose values and background echo your own.
  4. Social networks matter: The strength of your friendships is as critical for your health as the lifestyle choices you make.
  5. Lust diminishes but love remains: Being inured with your partner isn't the same as being out of love.

What do you think of this list on the face of it? I realize it is somewhat unfair to ask you to judge an article without reading it, but I can't find it online yet so you'll have to work with me. Thanks. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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