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Wring every ounce out of your talent and opportunity. Thoughts on the Last Dance Documentary

Our greatest opportunities will often come with the greatest possibility of failure. May we engage those opportunities with courage. May we welcome all who come as competition and simultaneously want to beat them.
May we elevate ourselves and those around us to greatness. And may we define greatness as the ability to put everything we have into whatever endeavor it is that we’re doing.

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What do we do with Ray Rice, Domestic Violence and how do we talk to our kids?

Yesterday, I was interviewed by a local news agency regarding domestic violence and hero worship. You can see the interview below. By now, you've probably seen the video of Ray Rice knocking his then fiance out. It's a violent and disturbing video. Perhaps more disturbing to me is how we handle the reality of domestic…


Mississippi player kicked off team after wearing pink cleats – Prep Rally – High School  – Yahoo! Sports

As Sheppard explains in the video above, courtesy of WLBT.com, coaches ridiculed the kicker for wearing the shoes during the prior game, but he showed up for the team's Monday practice wearing the pink cleats regardless. Now the senior, who relied on academic credit from playing football to help fulfill graduation requirements, might not receive…