I was recently given a book to read regarding tools for life. I want to share a quote with you from the book.

“Fear is almost always linked to an image you have of something terrible happening in the future. If I speak up, I’ll fired. If I start my own business, I’ll go bankrupt. The more you fixate on this future image, the more paralyzed you become—unable to act until you are certain the event won’t happen. But that kind of certainty is impossible.

It’s hard to admit this; our whole culture is based on the lie that it’s possible to be certain about the future.Go to the right school, eat the right foods, buy the right stocks, and your future is guaranteed. The develop courage, you have to give us this illusion of future certainty.

This frees you to focus on the present—the only place you can find courage to act.”

~Phil Stutz & Barry Michels

From The Tools pp. 53-54

What do you think?

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