I thought this conference was awesome. I highly recommend it to everyone. In fact, I did recommend it to other pastors in my city.
~David Drake, Pastor

“I don’t like church. I often find the speakers boring. Not Joe, I could sit and listen to him for hours. Everyone should hear this material.”
~Ruth, Grand Rapids Mi

I thought this whole thing was great! We’ve had a number of unchurched people come and love it!
~Tom, Pastor Grand Rapids Mi

With a two-week at home, I’m not sleeping much. I was afraid I might fall asleep during the conference. But Joe was so engaging, the information so helpful that I never yawned once.

~A woman from our Ravenna Conference

We have found that the conference gave us a common vocabularly so that we knew what we were shooting for

~West Michigan

I had hope. As soon as I heard Joe talk about the hunter/rabbit person, I knew he was talking about us and that might give us hope.