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When you stand outside something, you never really know what it looks like from the inside. This book offers people one insider’s account of what baseball looks like from the halls of one of one the most hallowed teams.


Recounting stories from the field and off the field this book recounts in great detail the baseball story and life odyssey of Vernon "Lefty" Gomez.  He started playing when he was 14 and went from so poor that he couldn’t buy his own glove to being one of the most recognized pitchers on one of the most recognized teams.  


Perhaps, the best part of this book though is that it helps to remove the cover of “hero worship” we put on our athletes as Americans. This book has an upbeat tone and the lead author is Lefty’s daughter. She presents a real account of the life of a human who had the ability to throw a baseball and entertain with it. He wasn’t perfect. He did some really dumb things and had some fights with his wife that were pretty severe. In other words, he’s just like most of the people who worshipped him. He was flawed.


If you enjoy baseball and biographies, you should buy this book. It will be a great summer read for that demographic.

You can buy the bok by clicking the picture above or by clicking here.

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  1. It sounds like an interesting book. It is not really something I would normally read, but I might have to pick up a copy for my brother.
    I have a book I would like to submit for review. It is my first novel, Apocalypse Rising. It is an Urban Fantasy of about 60k words.

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