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Good books should bring us all to the table for conversation. They should honestly survey the research, which will almost always show some research that contradicts the author’s thesis. Therapy is one of the topics that should invite such a book. It is a topic that should be held accountable for its outcomes.

In a world where more resources, time, energy, and knowledge are devoted to therapy, we seem to be due for a real and honest conversation about the outcomes.

We should be forcing therapists to have some difficult and hard conversations about therapeutic outcomes. The book Bad Therapy by Abigail Shrier seems like it might start a conversation about these very topics.

But, I found the book to be very frustrating. It did not have a conversation. Instead, it seemed to one to make its point, and there really wasn’t a point to be bothered with the breath of research. I wanted to like this book, because I have some strong thoughts about therapy and bad therapy. I have strong thoughts about education and its intersection with therapeutic practices.

Beyond this episode, I wrote an in-depth (and long) review on my blog, which was published on March 25th. Be sure to check it out there. 

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