Let’s talk about change.

Why is change so hard?

Why do so many people set out to change and fail? Why can two people in almost the exact same situation go through the same change interventions and one actually changes, and one doesn’t?

I think there are a lot of reasons that answers these questions. But I’m curious what you think.

There are a lot of myths about change out there.

I think three of the biggest myths are the following:

  1. Change is easy
  2. Change happens in a straight line
  3. Change is short
  4. Change happens without relapse

When these myths drive our view of change, we set ourselves up for failure and frustration. It is important to have a real and clear understanding of what the change process is like before we embark on attempting to change anything.

In reality, change is often more like the following:

  1. Change is hard
  2. Change runs all over the place in a series of non-sensical loops.
  3. Change is often a really long process.
  4. Change often involves overcoming many relapses.

What about you? What has your experience with change been? Tell me in the comments below.

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