Recently, I was contacted by another therapist regarding a consultation. This is what she said to me in almost verbatim.

In the past, we’ve had too much of men being able to judge women and make them feel… “less” but today we’re encouraging it in women. Rather than solving the problem, we’re just teaching women to respond in kind. Especially, in religious circles. We’re just exacerbating the problem.

So many men feel judged because they can’t be “enough” for their women. But the truth is that it has nothing to do with the husband. Nothing could be enough for many of the women because they have to deal with what it is inside of themselves. We’re teaching women that because their feelings are hurt that the husband must have been wrong. We’re sending mixed signals of what we want from our men and it is destroying relationships and men. It’s just as wrong as when men were allowed to treat women any way that they wanted to treat them.

I’m curious, do you agree with this therapist or not? I certainly see a lot of this showing up in sessions. What are your thoughts?

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