I met Amelia Rhodes over an iPad. She was writing in one of my favorite coffee shops on an iPad, so of course I had to talk to her about it. It turns out that our daughters are in the same grade. It also turns out that she is an author. Her book is called, Isn't It Time for a Coffee Break?

In the book you will:
Journey through topics such as:
The Aroma of Relationships: Love
Brew a Strong cup of Friendship
Share a Cup: Generosity
Experience the Variety of Blends: Hospitality
Filter out the Grounds: Unity
Sweeten Your Cup: Forgiveness
With six short, easy-to-read chapters, and discussion questions for each chapter, this book is great for small groups or book clubs.

The following is a video interview we did for her book. The entire production was done in house. Filmed off of my iPad. 
If you'd like to buy her book, you can click on my link here on the page and pick it up at Amazon. Do it. You'll enjoy it.

You can find her online here.

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  1. Thanks for posting your interview with Amelia Rhodes. I missed her book signing party at Ella’s and I’m interested in talking to her more about the subject of her book. The Impact women’s retreat, hopefully in May, will be focused on Unity in Friendship. Thanks again.

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