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It’s time to move past comparative pain and passions

I admit the world is an interesting place to me. I’m not typically someone who laments life. I don’t always agree with stuff I hear and I’m often willing to engage it with the person. I joke with my friends about poking the bear.  Interacting with others about how they feel and think is sometimes,…


so you say you want to change. what stage do you find yourself in?

If you are someone who wants to bring change into your life, I encourage you to consider where on this continuum you might find yourself. I cannot tell you how many clients I have spent time with only to have them leave frustrated because they thought that they were in the action step and in reality they were much more in step 1 or step 2. If you are not ready to change, that’s OK. No one is here to judge you for that, but it is important that you find the courage to admit that you are not ready to change yet.