School is right around the corner. At our CSC page, I wrote about how I am not excited about my girls going back for the year. Yes, I know it’s part of growing up, I get it. I know it’s part of the process, I just don’t like it.

As a therapist, I often find that transitional times can prove to be a time of disruption for the family as they try to build emotional security for the whole family.

Recently a colleague shared these six things that give families strength and identity.

  1. Parental and family time
    • Making sure that there is appropriate time for the family to bond is so important. This can be through chores, spiritual endeavors, entertainment, etc.
  2. Family Celebrations
    • Celebrations give us reference points for memories.
  3. Connecting Rituals
    • These give us reminders that we are not alone. They allow us to have an anchor when the dark nights of the soul come, which they do for all of us.
  4. Familiar and sacred places
    • These give our memories something solid to represent them.
  5. Shared common interests
    • This one seems to be most self-explanatory to me.
  6. Family stories and symbols
    • Every family has it’s own stories and symbols that have meaning to them.

I think focusing on these six areas can help families continue to connect and build meaning in their culture. How do you find yourself doing in these six areas?

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