This week Maggie writes,

“Dear Joe,
I am a 27yo female who just started dating a 35yo. We’ve known each
other for the three weeks. He has said that he knew I was the one from
the very first moment. I really like him too and think that I could love
him. He sometimes blows up my phone and is a little too clingy and yet
at other times, he can be really standoffish but I figure this is
because he’s been single for a really long time. My friends are all
freaking out and seem to think that I’m moving ‘way too fast.’ I don’t
know, I think we’re just moving along and we might love each other for
ever. My family loves him. His family loves me. I think when you know,
you know and then you can’t move too fast. What do you think? “
~Maggie in Michigan

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  1. My wife & I dated for over 2 years before I proposed but we both said “we knew” within 3 months, although we didn’t tell that to each other until after the engagement.
    I think that when you know you know, but its still important to be cautious and do your due diligence. Ask each other tough questions, find out if you’re on the same page and if you can live with the differences. See how they act in various situations to make sure they are who they appear to be. There’s no need to make a lifetime commitment too soon. If he’s “the one” then he’ll still be the one in a few months.

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