Even Dr. Richard Ferber, whose sleep-training method is commonly called the Cry It Out Method, says that he never intended parents to completely ignore their babies nighttime tears.

"I've always believed that there are many solutions to sleep problems, and that every family and every child is unique," he said in an interview with BabyTalk. "People want one easy solution, but there's no such thing. I never encouraged parents to let their babies cry it out, but one of the many treatment styles I described in my book is gradual extinction, where you delay your response time to your baby's wakings. I went to great pains in the second edition to clarify that that treatment is not appropriate for every sleep issue, of which there are many."

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I am firmly against the cry it out method of parenting for a lot of reasons. I discovered this article at 11:00 at night so I will not be discussing it more tonight but I do intend to delve further into it in the very near future.
On my own facebook wall, few things generate more conversation than this topic.

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