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Should we focus on our spouse or children more?

Continuing on with the idea of looking at other people's writings for some conversation fodder. I thought we would visit my friend Dean Dorman's blog. Dean is a local therapist and I have the privilege of calling this skilled clinician a friend. He has a book coming out in the not so distant future about…

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Shoot a computer, shame your daughter and drag kids around so they can really learn: or other ways to stupidly parent

There is a man named David Hughes who has shared a picture on Facebook that has gone viral. Judging by the comments, it is only going to gain in popularity. I am sure that Mr. Hughes is a nice man, with strong values and this post isn't about him. I simply wanted to give him…

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Book Review: The Art of Roughhousing by Anthony DeBenedet and Lawrence Cohen

What have we become when we need a book to tell us that it is OK to wrestle with our children? What has happened that we need a book to tell us that physical touch of a playful nature is not only good for our children but also important and necessary? I loved this book….

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7 parenting assumptions that could be affecting how you parent

Our lives are driven by our assumptions. What can be troublesome is the fact that we often do not stop to consider what our assumptions are and they impact us. For instance, couples often assume that conflict is bad. They will often say things to me like, "We never fight!", or "We've never had a…