I read a book this weekend that's basic assertion was that almost everyone is "ridiculously in charge" of their life.
I tend to agree with that sentiment. I realize people get stuck in jobs that are terrible, marriages that are dying and face other sundry difficulties in life.

But I think most of the time they give up the control that they do have over those situations. They stop fighting for their marriage. They refuse to risk going back to school or applying for new jobs.

I think for most of us, it's easier being a victim than it is to actually engage the change process.

If we are truly going to change anything we have to be willing to risk, and pay. What about you? We're almost done with one month in January. Do you remember those goals you wrote at the beginning of the month? How are you doing on them?

What will make 2014 different than 2013 for you?
Desire alone will not bring change to your life. You need more than desire.

You need a comittment and a plan. Do you have those? How often do you look at the plan?

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