Registration for our marriage conference called Hopes and Dreams is now open. I would like to personally invite you to attend.

My goal with Hopes and Dreams is to change the world. Sounds somewhat naive, right? Let me explain. I think that the world can change through stronger and better relationships. Hopes and Dreams is my attempt to help every couple, no matter where they are at in the relationship arch to improve their relationship.

This conference will help you no matter what state your relationship is in. At a Hopes and Dreams conference you will learn a new way to look at conflict. The question is not "Will there be conflict?", rather the true question of every couple is, "How do we positively process our conflict?"

This conference will help couples who are caught in a bad narrative (counselor speak for stuff's going bad) by helping them to examine the frames that they are using to view the relationship and how they can change those frames. It will also help them to truly understand how they can guarantee change in the relationship.

It will help couples who are in a good narrative by offering them ways to reinforce the foundation of their marriage and proven techniques by which they can continue to build their relationship.

Everyone at the conference will learn:

  1. The three core questions that everyone asks of their spouse and how the answers to these questions shapes everything.
  2. The three pillars that every healthy relationship rests on. How to build these three pillars up in your own relationship.
  3. Learn how to examine y9our fights and stress moments so that you can actually solve the problem as opposed to just repeating the same fight over and over again.

Attendees will learn these three truths and more! Everyone who comes will also have the chance to win a new golf driver valued at almost $500.00 and other great gifts.

I would really like to see you there. You can register by clicking on the tab underneath my banner, entitled Hopes and Dreams.


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