What do you think of when you hear the words Lady Gaga?

I’m betting that you don’t think of someone who defends the need to commit to marriage. Yet, the other day I’m driving into work and I hear about an interview where LG did just that. She had the temerity to say that divorce won’t be option for her. She wants to find a man that thinks like her and will commit to working through the difficult times.

Here’s a link to an article about the interview.

What was interesting to me was the conversation by the radio hosts regarding LG’s position.The hosts essentially said that her position was hopeless.

Essentially, no one will stay married. Eventually everyone will get screwed by their spouse and marriage as we know it will end. OK, it wasn’t quite that much, but it was close.

One host said, “Well, you have to go into believing that, but she’s probably not that serious.” Another host confidently proclaimed that she was just naive.

Why do you think we’ve become so disenfranchised with marriage as a society? Why do we seem to assume that most people will get divorced and nothing can be done to stop it?

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