When e-readers first came out, I immediately thought that they would probably be good for some people, but I just like books too much to get into them. I was adamant that I would probably not make the switch.
Then Kindle released apps for computers and phones. A friend of mine downloaded the app and began telling me what he was reading on it. Mostly free books. I followed suit. Then about a year ago I received an iPad.
Then a book that I really wanted to read was offered for free in the Kindle store. So of course, I bought it. I realized recently that I really like the e-book format. For many reasons. I offer you a few below.

  1. It’s easier to handle. I can carry my iPad that holds many books and it is far lighter than actually carrying all of those books.
  2. I read faster on a Kindle. I don’t know why this is, but it is definitely true. I simply read faster on the Kindle than I do in a traditional book.
  3. It’s easier to navigate between highlights and bookmarks. In a traditional book that I am using for school or for conversations, I highlight and write notes. The difficulty comes in finding a way to manage those bookmarks and highlights. It usually involves flipping through the book hoping to find the right spot. With a Kindle, I can just read the parts I have highlighted. Again, it’s faster and more convenient.
  4. Less storage. I love books. I mean, I really love books. My poor wife has put up with stacks of them around our house for years. With an E-reader I can limit the amount of space I’m taking up by storing the books on one small device. This is a great advantage for me, as I imagine it would be for anyone with small children in the house.
  5. Many books are cheaper on the Kindle. Not always but many of the books I buy are cheaper than if I had bought the paper bound copy. This savings adds up. For one textbook this year, I saved almost $100.00. That’s a nice chunk of change in my pocket for a book I’m only reading because I have to read. I do not actually own an e-reader device. I own the app for my iPad. I do not know how owning the actual device might change my cost index.

Those are five simple reasons why I like an e-reader. How about you? What are your thoughts regarding e-books vs. traditional formats?

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