6a00d83451f27e69e2017ee493aabc970d-piSo there’s always a lot of Facebook picture/meme’s going around, right? They usually have inspirational, or sappy messages. Some even have snarky messages that summarize how we feel towards “that person!”
You know who I’m talking about there, right?
That person is the person who we may be angry with but to whom we could never actually say that thing too. Now, I love Facebook (although I’ve actually been working on a post that shares some negative views on it) for a host of reasons. For me, it’s better than cable TV. It’s free entertainment.
I also like Facebook because it shows how people think, and for me this is the best part, they can’t hide what they really think. See, the above picture. It gets slapped up and I’ve seen a lot of friends post it.
What a terrible way to live! What an incredibly lonely way to live a life. I think it shows the faulty thinking that I am better alone than I am with the responsibility of living with someone. This idea misses the point because it fails to recognize a few truths.
Truth 1: Our actions have consequences for other people.
Our actions impact others. It would seem to me that this is a self evident truth but so often we seem to miss this simple truth. My mistakes will effect the lives of those around me. This poster is ultimately selfish. It reflects a way of living that fails to admit how our lives impact others. On an aside note, I often find people who want to live by this type of motto the first to point out how others decisions have negatively impacted them.
Truth 2: We need the impact of others to truly experience community
Trying to live on an island is a sad and lonely place. Humanity was created to be in community. We were not created to be by ourselves doing our own thing, learning on our own. We need others in our business. We need others asking us questions, keeping us accountable.
Truth 3: This is a lonely way to live.
Sure, this is directed at someone but what drove the person to be with that someone in the first place. The desire and need for community, for relationships.
In the end, we need each other. That’s actually what drives social media and all the good and bad that comes with it.


  1. -.-
    You’re comprehension of the quote is beyond ignorant.
    We as humans have the ability to learn from our mistakes, if our actions affect others we can see that and make decisions that can change that.
    The quote is simply saying you shouldn’t let others live your life for you, which is a common theme, unfortunately, for the younger crowd. You have to be able to live your own life.
    It is not in any way suggesting we ostracize ourselves from other people, for you to think that is ridiculous.

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