Over the years, I have had the opportunity to speak to hundred’s of thousands of people in venues from both small to large venues. I have been quoted in local, state and national resources in helping people.

Whether you are a business, conference, corporation, church or educational system, I’d love to see how we can work together to further your cause at your next event.

A Little Bit About Me

I’ve been speaking in some fashion or other for over 15+ years. I have spoken to intimate groups under ten and journeyed with groups in the thousands. I am known as an expert in relationships and personal growth. I have published a book that spent time in the best seller category in Amazon Kindle for it’s topic.

As a speaker, my team and I want to know what needs to happen for the event that we partner in to be a win for you. What would need to happen for the event to feel like a success for you? This answer will be my guiding principle in every decision I make regarding your event.  I want the on stage experience to be a great experience for you. As a speaker, I will use stories, comedy and humor that keeps your audience engaged and listening while making salient points to improve their lives. Each participant will leave with practical, applicable next steps to enhance their learning experience.

I also want your experience with us to be an easy one. We know you are juggling a million things to bring your event to life and believe that the speaker should be the easiest of your tasks.


Speaking Topics
I speak on a variety of topics related to inter-personal relationships, parenting, marriage, motivation, entrepreneurship, and leadership. I would to chat with you regarding your next event and create a talk custom made for you, if needed. I want to learn how I can best help you achieve your goals. Please let me know about your project by contacting me or emailing us directly at [email protected]
Joe is an insightful, engaging, funny and winsome communicator. No matter the age or stage of the audience, Joe has the unique availability to  connect with each person in a relational way while taking people on a journey toward hope and growth.
~Jon Bell

I look forward to working with you.