Creative Solutions Counseling Launches First-of-its-Kind Mental Health Urgent Care Program in West Michigan

CSC NOW gives clients the ability to be seen promptly for their urgent mental health needs without having to wait for an appointment.

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan – Sep. 23, 2014 – All it takes is a fight with your spouse, a bad day at school, a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness, or the loss of a loved one to send a person into a state of sadness and depression.

Creative Solutions Counseling (CSC) is part of the Joe Martino Counseling Network, and is one of West Michigan’s largest independent counseling practices.  Creative Solutions Counseling has launched CSC NOW, a new program dedicated to providing urgent, specialized mental health care that requires no wait and no referrals.

“Almost everyone at some point will experience a traumatic event in their life that will leave them uncertain of the present and future” said Joe Martino, Clinical Director of the Joe Martino Counseling Network. “Our goal with CSC NOW is to treat people when their crisis occurs. We want them to be heard.”

The concept behind CSC NOW gives clients the ability to speak promptly with a CSC Mental Health Specialists who is specially trained in the area of crisis management for their urgent mental health needs.  This saves clients time bypassing a hospital ER, a call to their doctor, or therapist.

Anyone who has experienced a mental health crisis knows they usually only have two options: To be admitted to a mental hospital or wait for an appointment with their therapist. Being admitted to a hospital has a certain stigma behind it that prevents people from seeking care plus, if you go to an emergency room you may have to wait a long time and fill out countless forms just to be heard. If your situation is not life-threatening, then we want you to come to our clinic and be seen today.

The CSC NOW program, located at 2305 East Paris Ave, Suite 203, Grand Rapids, gives client’s access to CSC established specialized clinical services.

  • Evening hours: CSC NOW is open from 11 am to 8 p.m. to treat after hour’s urgent mental health care issues.
  • Triage Care: CSC NOW clinic will provide each individual that enters our clinic a session with a Mental Health Specialists who will answer their questions, listen and provide directions, but most importantly they will help you with continued care by scheduling future appointments.
  • On-site support services: Most diagnostic and intervention services can be handled by our team of CSC NOW Mental Health Specialists, however, if you are unsure about the nature of your emergency, and if that emergency would require further treatment, our team of mental health therapists are available to help assess your situation and make recommendations.

While it is the first of its kind in West Michigan, the CSC NOW concept follows a growing trend in the Western United States.

Mental Health urgent situations are usually characterized as any situation that causes a person to feel hopeless, afraid, or uncertain of their future.

About Creative Solutions Counseling

Founded in 2010 Creative Solutions Counseling (CSC) is one of the largest non-hospital affiliated clinic in Western Michigan. Creative Solutions Counseling in Grand Rapids and the Joe Martino Counseling Center of Lowell, MI are both part of the Joe Martino Counseling Network.

CSC NOW, a program dedicated to providing urgent mental healthcare requiring no wait to get in and no referrals. The program features extended hours until 8p.m Monday through Thursday.  Visit to learn more about these services.